Spa - Skin Investment Cell Communication Facials

A collection of non-surgical designer facials that uniquely use an advanced SKIN INVESTMENT CELL COMMUNICATION machine to visibly lift, firm, tighten and tone the skin (and yes, that would be instantly!). This is a non-invasive, computerised device that conducts a nine stage process to help to build new tissue, lift sagging skin and give dramatic results on many skin concerns including deep wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, acne and sun damage. One facial would be great. A course of them would be amazing.


High performance lifting facial £40

30 Minutes

A quick, yet effective treatment that delivers fast results. An introduction to a more toned complexion. Designed to be added to any treatment, or on its own. Perfect when time is short but your skin needs a bit of a lift.


High performance prescriptive facial £70

60 Minutes

The bootcamp of facials – A prescriptive treatment designed to work on the muscles, lifting and firming in all the right places. The Skin Investment Cell Communication machine’s safe and effective nano-current smooths wrinkles, brightens the skin tone and boosts collagen levels. Recommended as a course of 6–10 treatments.


High performance miracle facial £100

90 Minutes

This ultimate treatment including THE BIG REVEAL peel and super-boosting mask is designed to re-texture and brighten the skin. Lines and wrinkles will be smoothed, facial contours sculpted and the muscles re-educated and lifted, producing immediate and dramatic results. The skin is more youthful and visibly radiant. Recommended prior to a special occasion or as a maintenance treatment.


High performance brightening facial £70

60 Minutes

Whatever the season, we can all look in the mirror and feel that our skin is looking dull, tired and in need of a good spring clean. Bring on this ultra deep cleansing treatment that uses micro and galvanic currents designed to flush out toxins. Special drainage techniques are used to cleanse and detoxify leaving your skin brighter, smoother and refreshed. Recommended as a one off treatment or as part of a course.

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